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Regal Hypnosis School
So Many Lives

From Point Zero
To Hero!

Jay Regal looks forward to hearing your success stories. He helps his clients and students envision and co-create new and exciting chapters in their lives.  Now, it is time for you to shine. Live the life you were born to live. Stay on your path to personal greatness. Claim your right to control the power of your mind. Set your Self free from hardships that were imposed upon you. Be a champion. Join the tribe of the awakened.  Create your destiny!

Rewire your brain with Hypnosis to expand your possibilities!
Pick A Date
Crystal Salt

Initial Hypnotic Screening Guarantee

You will be  guided through every step of your Introductory Session by Jay Regal.
If you are not 100% satisfied with his approach, tell him within 30 minutes and your session is free.

When We First Meet

Regal Thoughts
Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 11 am to 6 pm 

Regal Hypnosis School 
Classroom Hours Start Monday & Wednesday 7 pm 

All services provided by Jay Regal are by appointment only.
Bookings made that conflict with Regal Hypnosis School hours are subject to change. 
Hypnotherapy hourly rate is $180, however prepaid services are always discounted.

Menu Of Session Options 

Menu of Session Options
To learn more about Regal Hypnosis School visit
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