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It only makes sense to utilize our minds

to their fullest capacity. 

With Holistic Hypnotherapy,

the whole is extraordinarily more

than the sum of its parts! 

With Hypnotherapy access the other 90% of your Subconscious Mind

Jay Regal's Life Long Philosophy

We are born into this world as loving beings. Suddenly, it happens. We experience our karmic wounding. This fault is inescapable. Every person alive is here to heal themselves in some fashion. Thereafter, we go through life seeking answers to the question, "Why?" Eventually, if we are willing to face life's challenges, we learn how to heal ourselves; otherwise, our avoidance strategies take over and become our hopeless addictions.


Why not choose to accept your truth? If your love today matches your original mindset, then the next step for you to take (after you heal yourself, of course,) is to help others heal themselves.  And, by helping enough other people heal (just like you did,) then your loftiest desires will be much easier to manifest. This is order of the cosmic law of cause and effect: 1. Create Harm 2. Receive Wounding 3. Heal Wound 4. Help Others 5. Be Free

Doctor of Divinity providing Holistic Hypnotherapy since 2008
Jay Regal

Doctor of Divinity
Holistic Hypnotherapy

From an early age, Jay became interested in how the mind works. His fascination grew  after seeing a stage hypnosis show that was presented in his grade school auditorium. His ongoing attraction to metaphysics led him many years later to an Atlantian mystery school where he was taught by Dr. Charles Skillas to become a Doctor of Divinity in Hypnotherapy in 2008. He subsequently became an NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist and a Hypnotherapy Instructor and has since helped hundreds of lives with his esoteric understanding of the mind.

Jay Regal works with ordinary people to help them overcome ordinary problems of living. 
De-hypnosis erases undesirable external beliefs and helps you identify who you are.
Learn self hypnosis to be the master of your life!

Some Highlights of Jay Regal's Training


Advanced Past Life Regression with David Quigley - CA

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention - MA 

Independent Study with Dr. Marco Paret – Nice, France 

LIVE Hypnosis Weekend Workshop with Jeffrey Stephens - GA

Psychotherapy & NLP with Stephen Brookes - Theory & Principles of Erickson's Indirect Hypnosis - British Hypnosis Research - Online


Sports & Performance Specialist Training with NFNLP - Coursework

Rewire The Brain Through Hypnosis with Don Mottin - MA

Golf Enhancement Specialist Certification with John Weir - MA

Sleep Improvement Seminar with Debbie Papadakis - MA

Ultra Height Hypnosis Certification with Gerald Kein - MA

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention - MA 

Magnetism, Fascination & Presence - Dr. M. Paret - Nice, France 

Certified Master Trainer for IACT with Dr. George Bien - FL 

International Association of Counselors & Therapists Convention - FL

Regression and Parts Therapy Training with Roy Hunter - GA


Pain Control and Emergency Hypnosis with Don Mottin - MA

DISC for Dynamic Communication with Rev. Lee Pelletier - MA

Board Certified by National Guild of Hypnotists - MA

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention - MA  

Stage Hypnosis Training with Tommy Vee - MA

Certified Instructor for NGH with Dr. Richard Harte - MA

National Guild of Hypnotists Solid Gold Convention - NV


Doctorate of Divinity in Hypnotherapy with Dr. Charles Skillas - GA 

Advanced Hypnosis for Weight Loss with Cal Banyan - MA

National Guild of Hypnotists Spiritual Hypnosis Certification - MA

National Guild of Hypnotists Convention - MA 

Certified Hypnotherapist - National Guild of Hypnotists - GA

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