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Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis

Stalling is doing little to get you where you would like to be with your life. Time is a very precious commodity, and you will maximize every moment you have by immediately taking action with this living legend. Seize this opportunity  now and heal your life working with a master mentor. Learn how Jay Regal's Holistic Hypnotherapy  programs will help you to effectively attain your personal goals and to achieve overall pristine health, top fitness and extraordinary wellbeing. Get the knowledge directly from this pioneer, trail blazer and maverick warrior. Make Self Realization, Transformation & Actualization your ultimate destination.

Get Started

Welcome to Jay Regal's domain. With his vast knowledge, wisdom and experience that was acquired from decades of study, research and practice, he is prepared to help you achieve your magnificent goals.


To do so, it is recommended that all who seek his services read each page of this website, especially the Hypnosis page.

Please note that everyone attending the Introductory Session is asked to fully answer each item found in the Client Profile and Session Focus forms to the best of their ability before sending them. 


Thank you for making the extra effort!


Jay Regal offers no medical treatments nor medical advice. Do seek help from a specialist in the medical community if you are experiencing intolerable pain or distress. Upon booking and payment, you agree that services rendered are not a substitute for any advice, treatment or program that you receive from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional. You clearly understand there is no implied warranty or contract. Your participation is voluntary. You agree to be hypnotized by Jay Regal in order to achieve the goals stated in your Session Form.


Jay Regal provides mentoring and coaching assistance, using hypnosis in hypnotherapy sessions  with his unique abilities, special talents and acquired wisdoms to help clients overcome their challenges and attain their objectives.

Every client deserves the best service and Jay Regal aims to deliver every time. He looks forward to meeting you and helping you in any way he possibly can. 


He knows that whatever we conceive in our minds and believe in our hearts, we can achieve in our lifetimes.

Introductory Session

Before Regal Hypnotic Procedures are introduced in an Introductory Session, Jay Regal will spend whatever time is needed with ongoing new clients to review with them their Session Focus, answer their questions and address their concerns. When all participants prepare in advance, then everything flows smoothly and there is plenty of time for everyone to experience hypnosis. 


All Hypnosis Only Sessions are to the point. The approach is rapid, authoritative and direct. The session is experiential and not conversationally based. Hypnotherapy Sessions are gradual, permissive and markedly more thorough and detailed.

Terms of Service

Clients agree to compensate Jay Regal in full for all mentoring and/or coaching assistance he provides including all hypnotic procedures used in a session.  

Online payments, US dollars and most major bank cards are accepted.


Any missed prepaid session may be rescheduled within 90 days of original appointment date as long as Jay Regal is given the courtesy of at least 48-hours advance notice. Thereafter, unused prescheduled sessions expire.

First 30-minutes are free offer applies to all new, first time participants who would like to meet Jay Regal and find out what is possible with his services.

Special Introductory Offers

We can meet for 30-minutes for free and discuss your situation. Or, you can go to our Regal Hypnosis School and learn Self Hypnosis. (Attend 3 classes and get 1 free.) Or, you can save money on your  Introductory Session by booking it online. 

Hourly Rate for Hypnotherapy is $180. All people having Hypnotherapy Sessions may share their Introductory Session

with one or two other attendees in a private group. Total prepaid services for clients is only $135 for leader, $210 for leader plus one attendee or $270 for leader plus two attendees. The Leader books the Introductory Session date and starting time online. It is essential that all attendees arrive together.


Add Jay Regal (470) 558-4335 to your cell phone contacts. Due to the nature of private sessions, his phone ringer is often turned off. So, be prepared to go to voicemail. When leaving a voice message, speak clearly. Include your name, reason for your call and best times to call back this number (or another one) and reach you. Calls are often returned promptly and usually within one business day. This phone receives calls and text messages 24/7. Please be brief and to the point.

Length of First Session

Your ninety-minute Introductory Session has two parts. The first half is primarily conversational. The last half is mostly experiential. For each additional attendee, extra discussion time (approximately fifteen minutes) is included to review his or her unique situation.  The shared portion of the Introductory Session is experiential.


Most Hypnosis Only Sessions are short in duration. Session ends once the desired outcome is tested, verified and achieved. 

Office Address

Office is located in Meridian Buckhead, commercial/residential high-rise building across street from Buckhead Church in Buckhead Station Shopping Center 3334 Peachtree Rd. NE Atlanta GA 30326


Early arrival is recommended. Free parking is available. Concierge on duty will check you in and send you to Jay Regal's office.

View map in footer on the very bottom of this page if more details are needed.

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