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Light up your life with hypnosis

Energy Restoration
Life Extension

Due to Neuroplasticity - hypnotherapy can retrain your brain!

We are all made of energy. When our energy is stuck or interfered with by external sources, whether it be from personal issues, others around us or from toxic energy in our environment, these negative energies badly undermine our peace of mind, heart, body and spirit. With Regal Hypnotic Procedures, we get to restore our natural energy flow and enjoy our lives.

Many who feel blocked are sensitive to negativity and are unknowingly surrounded by stagnant energy. Signs of laziness, weakness, impotence, lethargy and apathy appear. The joys for living life falter, inconsistencies abound, and irritations set in, yet we are unable to figure out why due to being numb. Regal Hypnotic Procedures help us strengthen our vitality.

If we get out of balance, experience confusion, or get lost in a psychic fog, we can gain clarity and benefit greatly from Regal Hypnotic Procedures.  Jay Regal's work addresses unexplained emotions,  uneasy feelings around certain people or places and  alleviates excessive stress, reduces tension, releases annoying habits and radically shifts negative patterns. 

Jay Regal's Policy

 Confidentiality is assured.

Testimonials are encouraged.

Referrals are welcomed.

A Household Suggestion
Because energy is synergistic, everyone living in close proximity influences each other, so ideally all household members receive as needed Holistic Hypnotherapy. 

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Holistic Hypnotherapy

Jay Regal provides hypnotherapy sessions using his unique abilities, special talents and acquired wisdoms to help clients overcome their challenges and attain their goals. He knows from experience that whatever we conceive in our minds and believe in our hearts, we can achieve in our lifetimes.



Regal Hypnotic Procedures

Great happiness is your desired outcome. How long it takes to get to the promised land will vary from person to person. When you are ready, willing and able to succeed with hypnosis, let's proceed.

Lasting results invariably require a few extra steps. There is no other way around it. In order to have enduring changes happen with hypnosis, you must actually address with success the root cause of your concerns.

An accomplished hypnosis practitioner will do what it takes to get you to revisit your first significant activating event and help you do more than nip your concerns in the bud.

The objective is to completely obliterate, totally annihilate and remove all negative forcing functions wreaking havoc indefinitely in your system, so you attain clarity.

Regal Hypnotic Procedures offer you a wide range of new possibilities and a strong potential to achieve all of your
meaningful goals.

With repeated hypnotherapy sessions you will experience reductions in worry, anxiety, stress, negativity and tension. Other honed benefits include improved upon sleep due to repeatedly entering deeper states of hypnosis, your inexplicable pain and discomfort disappear after clearing sessions, and driven by success, your magnified
self-confidence soars.




First major objective is to have you experience various trance state depths and to remove your self-doubt. Jay Regal demonstrates how hypnosis works and you will have an opportunity to ascertain if you have any masquerading energies.


Second major objective is to have you confront whatever hinders access to the initial root cause of your concerns for lasting improvement. Jay Regal aptly addresses hidden obstacles and works intently to help you establish inner harmony.


Third major objective is to revisit the original source of your concerns and heal from lessons learned in order to have positive change. Jay Regal facilitates timeline regressions for you to know the reasons why you were so challenged.


Final objective is to raise your self-worth while uplifting thoughts are impressed on your subconscious mind to attain your goals. Jay Regal focuses on one major objective at a time, step by step, to best obtain steady improvements and continual progress with each client.

For every problem, there is a solution. Now is the time for you to receive the answers you have been looking for.

Get on the spirit-driven path to live your life purpose. It is time to access your wise mind and reawaken your powerful birthright, so you can fully express your unique talents, build stronger relationships and reach your grand goals. Obtain lasting peace,

joy and harmony in your life!


What Do You Accomplish?

Are you at a crossroads, unsure of which way to go?

• Explore time continuum travel into the future

Do you feel jinxed, haunted or spooked?
• Deal with inner demons


Do you feel compromised?
• Release spirit attachments


Do you feel mysteriously blocked from making progress?
• Rid intrusive negativity 


Have you been victimized by a curse?
• Retrieve soul fragments


Do you feel hopeless, like giving up completely?
• Enter coma state for a profound out of body healing experience


Are you ready for what awaits beyond the earth's plane?
• Connect with parallel nonmaterial dimensions


Does one part of you say yes, while another part says no?
• Get inner conflict resolution


Does fear prevent you from doing what you want to do?

• Boost your self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth

Are you gripped by racing thoughts and overthinking?
• Enter your serenity state of consciousness

Are you curious about previous lives or having prior incarnations?

• Obtain clarity and insight with past life regressions

Are you happy with how you appear in your personal relationships?

• Enhance your self worth, sense of inner beauty and ability to charm others

Do you want to make your dreams come true?

• Follow your path and become a super achiever


Children Beneft with Hypnotherapy

Young children are great candidates for hypnotherapy, because they primarily live in a hypnotic state from birth until the time they begin individuating in elementary school. They can be hypnotized as early as age three, but children ages five or older respond best to hypnotic trance work. The timing will vary from child to child. Children can be hypnotized once they are able to relate to things for themselves and can separate their thoughts from their parents. Because their minds are wide open, they take in suggestions quite easily, and those having a vivid imagination, respond very well to hypnosis sessions. Children are hypnotically induced quite often. It happens when they watch television shows, hear fictional stories read to them and identify with characters in a motion picture. When children watch movies, they often feel empathy for a particular character and actually think that they are in the story. For hypnosis to work, children must have the ability to focus their attention and follow suggestions. The key to having success with children relies on their ability to comprehend words and process thoughts. When your children are engrossed in a movie, and it pulls on their heart strings, then you know that they are mature enough to see a hypnotist. Imagination and playfulness often play a major role in the hypnotic process. A skillful hypnotist will responsibly engage the child in an atmosphere of originality and creativity, displaying trustworthiness and respect. For hypnotherapy sessions to be most effective, they must be experienced as fun and engaging by the child. Kids like to pretend, to make believe and to daydream. When we focus on outcomes, where we place our praise matters. We must learn to stop admiring children so much for their intelligence, talent and creativity. A better approach is for us to praise them directly for their efforts, and then we will notice that their performance improves markedly more over time. Some common reasons why a child would go to a hypnotherapist include overcoming bedwetting, anxiety, asthma or to obtain pain relief. Other reasons include issues with unacceptable behavior, uncurbed anger,  poor motivation, pressing fears and problems with sleeping. Stammering, stuttering and other concerns driven by poor thinking patterns can also be managed with hypnotherapy.

Teens Benefit with Hypnotherapy

Teenage years are exciting times as well as stressful times, so situations stack up inside their minds. Lacking experience, they do not effectively know how to handle the pressures of growing up. There are the pressures of taking exams, peer pressures and pressures like dealing with divorced parents, death of a loved one or other tragedies they need to deal with. Life becomes so overwhelming. It is hard for them to cope. To add to this stress, many teens believe that their self-worth is based on what others think of them. Self-worth no longer comes from within, because it is measured by social acceptance. When teens feel insecure or inferior to others, they often act out, strive for popularity, overeat, smoke cigarettes, experiment with drugs, lose sleep, have difficulties with concentration and challenges with staying focused. Teens need to fit in, feel accepted and feel important. The teen rat race of social acceptance adds to the pressures of just trying to grow up in a highly competitive world, find a meaningful path in life, do well in school, eat healthy, be fit and release anger and frustration in a positive way. Sadly, many teenagers today lack the support and encouragement that they need to learn healthy attitudes and behaviors while out in the world, trying to find a place to fit in. There are enormous burdens placed on them to be popular and successful. When a teenager feels inadequate, negative thoughts and beliefs start to close in. It can take years of traditional therapy to get them to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, to build their self-confidence and to help them turn their unhealthy habits and behaviors into desirable ones. Helping teens establish themselves can be a time-consuming task. Yes, something must be done. They urgently need to develop self-awareness, gain self-respect and move ahead in life pursuing meaningful life goals. There has to be a faster way, a quicker solution. Teens can readily achieve clarity and find what they are truly looking for in life. They can let go of past emotional issues and allow their beautiful talents and creative desires to rise above the anxiety and stresses of their life. There is a straightforward approach for mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. With hypnotherapy, you can quickly see your teen’s life come back into balance and harmony.

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