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Life is pressured chaotic and very stressful


Life is peaceful 
harmonious and

You're living the story you tell yourself and are stuck because your unconscious programming from your past still hides inside your mind. Get clarity to change that story and your life rapidly improves.

End Excessive Worry, Anxiety, Stress, Negativity and Tension with Regal Hypnotic Procedures.

Quit Criticism, Stop Pessimism, Regress to Root Cause, Solve Your Problems and Live Happily Ever After!

Look at all the information here that you need to succeed and accomplish your goals.

Welcome to Regal Thoughts

Let's Begin By Decoding The Mystery: What Is Healing?

First of all, curing is not healing. Curing concerns making your problems go away without asking any insightful questions. This temporary relief merely addresses your symptoms. Healing requires embracing the source of your problems, so you can transform yourself. You need to fully understand yourself to resolve your issues. That journey is an evolutionary mind, heart, body, spirit phenomenon employed by your higher self to achieve conscious personal mastery. The healing process involves taking fragmented parts of yourself and making them whole.


United We Stand - Divided We Fall

Traditional Hypnosis uses direct suggestions to get rapid results. Nothing is done, however, to discover, reveal

and dissipate old traumatic experiences that are still causing trouble. Using a direct approach, we can get right

to it, but there are no guarantees because changes made without healing completely are typically temporary.

Holistic Hypnotherapy maintains that complete healing requires integration of the whole person. It operates on

the principle of unity and emphasizes the importance of getting to the source of one's concerns in order to have lasting desirable positive outcomes. If we are in agreement here, I can guarantee that our success is likely.

The Crux of the Healing Process: Make your "Unconscious" conscious!

I help my clients identify and remedy their blind spots. We work together to get answers to resolve their problems. For over a lifetime, I have dealt with removing all kinds of obstacles and worked on healing all types of wounds. With decades of personal experience under my belt, I know that I can help you too!


With Regression Hypnosis 
• Understand Your True Self 
• Address Unfinished Business
• Get Rid Of Your Sticking Points

• Find Out Why You Were Born
• Recover Suppressed Memories
• Heal From Lingering Trauma 

• Truly Live Your Life Purpose

With A Little Help You Can

Unblock Your Unconscious Mind
Take Charge Of Your Life
Shift Your Life Experience

Your Mind
Is Like A 

It Works Best
When It's Open.

Crystal Salt

But, Is It True For Me?

Living within a need to know information based reality, we must neither accept nor reject an idea or concept based on another's authority or observation as true until we can earnestly test that notion ourselves. Your brain is not the boss. How you think and what you feel matters most. Like riding a bicycle or driving a car, you can learn how to promote healing energy from within and master your mind with a tool called hypnosis.

Let's Get Started!

Hypnotic Healing Is The Fastest Way

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for the tools and training guaranteed to empower yourself

All services provided are scheduled in advance and by appointment only.

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Everything is a Choice

Buddha’s famous quote is: “We are what we think.” Unless we end negative thoughts, they upset us indefinitely. If you are stuck in a rut, with thoughts that regularly bother you, you will need help to get out of your trap. Thoughts we think about repeatedly define who we are and what we do. We are the grand total of every thought we ever had, both positive and negative. Take responsibility to direct your thoughts and your life becomes the life that you chose to live. Choose wisely!

What stops you from getting what you want in life? The honest answer is humbling. Your attitude matters. A negative mindset is often one major hurdle that you will need to jump over to get to the other side. Having a positive mental attitude is winning. But, what if outside influences are interfering with your progress? When you grew up, you heard plenty of objections. Mom said no; dad said no; preacher and teacher said no; your best friend said no. What did you then say to yourself? Did you accept their negative suggestions as final? The thoughts that prevent you from getting where you want to be in life need to be addressed. You can put an end to your sticking points. All you need is a fresh start. "Hypnosis has helped millions. It can help you, too."

You would like help with...
• Pain • Weight Management • Self Improvement • Solving Problems
• Sports Performance ​• Procrastination • Building Relationships • Sex Life
• Testing Anxiety • Finding Life Purpose • Creating Healthier Habits
• Sleeping Well • Public Speaking • Overthinking • Self Confidence

• Are there any guarantees? Yes, when we work together and commit to put in
the time it takes, you will experience constant and never-ending improvement.

Regal Hypnotic Procedures are 100% guaranteed to work or your Initial Session is completely free!


Heal Completely Through Exploring Timeline Continuum

Get everything you want with our most popular One Grand Package.  We assess, address and regress

every client for success. Traverse prior lifetimes, in between lives, experiences in utero, childhood  and

future possibilities. Discover your missing link. Obtain the information you seek and need for success.

"Comfort is queen, but clarity is king."

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