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Stop Being Anxious When You Can
Turn Your Fear
Into Calm!

Everything is a choice. Choose wisely!Stop Being Anxious When You Can Turn Your Anxiety Into Calm!

You want to find your Life Purpose. You are stuck and do not know which way to go. If only           , then you could pursue your dreams. You know what you need to do, but avoid doing it. You take on poor habits that you find impossible to break. You have accumulated emotional stress. You enter difficult relationships and wonder why.  You live in a troubled state of mind. You would like to  perform better, feel healthier and get your life in balance but do not believe that you can achieve your goals. You are not making progress. You try, but fail and then wonder why you keep making poor decisions. Realize that you are not to blame for these upsets, rather the problem that you are experiencing is found inside your mind! Your conscious efforts have disappointed you and led to failure, because poorly patterned ways of thinking, feeling and doing have been established inside of your suggestible mind. With hypnosis, however, we can quickly turn your life around.

The Positive Energy Of Love Transcends All

We are here to observe and participate as harmonious beings. 

We are always in control of ourselves.

We are here to freely flow with our experiences.

Everything is a Choice

Buddha’s famous quote is: “We are what we think.” Unless we end negative thoughts, they upset us indefinitely. If you are stuck in a rut, with thoughts that regularly bother you, you will need help to get out of your trap. Thoughts we think about repeatedly define who we are and what we do. We are the grand total of every thought we ever had, both positive and negative. Take responsibility to direct your thoughts and your life becomes the life that you chose to live. Choose wisely!

What stops you from getting what you want in life? The honest answer is humbling. Your attitude matters. A negative mindset is often one major hurdle that you will need to jump over to get to the other side. Having a positive mental attitude is winning. But, what if outside influences are interfering with your progress? When you grew up, you heard plenty of objections. Mom said no; dad said no; preacher and teacher said no; your best friend said no. What did you then say to yourself? Did you accept their negative suggestions as final?


What fears are holding you back? When you have sticking points, thoughts that prevent you from getting where you want to be in life, they need to be addressed. We can try to go through, under or around the blockades that hinder us, but we will fail every time until we finally do the work and learn how to leap in the air. You made it this far. Well done! Now, I suggest that you use all of this exciting momentum to take you all of the way to, through and beyond your chosen final destination. 

Jay Regal | NGH Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor

Hello! I’m Jay Regal. Let’s get better acquainted. I can help you eliminate, cancel and clear any of your frightful expectations of the worst. I have developed my series of Regal Hypnotic Procedures to accelerate your progress in achieving your meaningful goals and to finally overcome that which no longer serves you. Go through this website at your leisure to learn how you can heal with hypnosis. You'll be glad that you did. Happy trails!

One and Done with Hypnosis Only

One and Done with Hypnosis

Hypnosis Only readily works for any desirable and meaningful goal when several factors are in play. You are ready for change. You have no unresolved emotional sticking points. You are willing to accept hypnotic  suggestions. You understand how hypnosis works. You are straightaway and voluntarily able to be hypnotized. You have found a hypnotist who offers you precisely what you seek.


Hypnosis is used as a tool to induce new ways of thinking, feeling and doing; to break specific repetitive patterns you would like to make different. Working with hypnosis, you can overcome addictions to sex, food, gambling, shopping, working, smoking, drinking, self-doubt,  many fears (like fear of flying, insects, spiders, snakes, bugs, driving, failing an exam, making mistakes, going to a dentist), nail biting, overthinking, testing anxiety, procrastination; to improve particular athletic skills, running, cheerleading; to instill a winning attitude, create proper eating habits, slenderize the body, address pain, relieve arthritis, lower blood pressure; to modify, alter or change one’s mind set and imprint new behaviors.

This list is not exhaustive. It only touches upon the unlimited number of possibilities for creating change using hypnosis.  For instant success,  you must be clear, open minded and receptive to making modifications in your lifestyle at the time of your One and Done session.  We are,  by nature, creatures of habit.  We prefer to experience gradual, incremental improvements, if any at all. This rapid process works for those who  are absolutely certain that they must have a significant shift.


Being motivated is sufficient, but that alone is not enough for long-lasting success.  Being ready to do what it takes does not guarantee anyone immediate benefits, but it is essential for enduring results. This is because emotions often drive behavior. If external obstacles hinder your way, it will be challenging to accept suggestions. Your mind can play tricks on you. If pre-existing roadblocks have not been properly addressed, then it is likely that changes made from hypnotic suggestions alone will eventually unravel and lose their steadfastness.


As long as there are interference patterns running inside of your mind, they will continually wreak havoc in your system and undermine your conscious thoughts. The primary concern is what if unresolved feelings bubble up inside from your unconscious mind because they seek external expression. If this is the case, multiple attempts will be needed to make powerful hypnotic suggestions stick. Temporary successes are commonly referred to as band-aid fixes.


If you would like to be hypnotized and your unresolved past is irrelevant to your presenting issue, then Hypnosis Only rather than Holistic Hypnotherapy is all that you need. If the emotions that drive your behavior do not matter with respect to the reason why you seek only hypnosis, then all is well. If you just want to override your unconscious mind, hypnosis works, and we will succeed.


An authoritative and direct hypnosis session is $275. The session is scheduled for sixty minutes. It may take less time to achieve your desired goal. It might take a bit longer.  Just know; it will get done. To achieve optimum results in this session, we will focus only on your primary goal. Simply, follow Jay Regal’s lead for your success. Thereafter, he will test your outcome to verify that the requested hypnotic effects are operative.


Reinforcement follow-up hypnosis sessions  can be scheduled if ever any are required. Nothing more has to be said, other than arrive prepared for your internal shift in consciousness. Let’s get it done!

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Overcome Challenges with Holistic Hypnotherapy

Overcoming Challenges With Hypnotherapy

Holistic Hypnotherapy is a comprehensive approach that combines hypnosis with consultation. It is a surefire way to get your objectives met and goals accomplished. Everyone can learn Self Hypnosis which is the gateway method to healing one's "Self" with HypnosisOnce the hypnotized state can be readily achieved, positive change is possible, lasting improvements occur and what appears to be miraculous to others happens. You become your personal best version of you.

Hypnosis is the primary tool used by a holistic hypnotherapist to achieve lasting success. Typically, wonderful breakthroughs occur within three sessions and your important goals soon after get promptly achieved, because you learned how to get out of your own way. And at your option, within ten to twelve sessions, outstanding progress is noticeably made by ongoing clients who aim to be super achievers with each specialized Regal Hypnotherapy Program they choose to pursue.


If 50/50 on Authoritative & Direct Hypnosis vs. Permissive Hypnotherapy, uncertain as to which way to begin, yet eager to get started, the best option for you to select is Undecided. In this particular Introductory Session, we can begin that day, test your hypnotizability straightaway and then pick out the best approach for you. All you have to do to prepare for day one is show up timely to your session with an idea of what you would like to accomplish, and Jay Regal will help you fill in the Session Forms. 

Holistic Hypnotherapy is used to get to the root of the matter, to attain clarity and to completely handle emotionally based concerns. You gain success through building self-esteem, self-confidence and self-motivation; develop charisma, social skills and build better relationships; overcome insomnia, jealousy, anger, sadness, fear, worry, anxiety, stress, negativity, tension; deal with heartbreak, pain; create sexual satisfaction, joy, happiness; improve sleeping. eating, fitness, health, creativity, wellbeing; deepen your states of awareness, enhance memory and cognitive function, become a super achiever and succeed with major lifetime goals. This list is not exhaustive. It only touches upon the unlimited number of possibilities for creating change using hypnosis. 


Jay Regal's permissive approach to Holistic Hypnotherapy works well for everyone because time pressures are eliminated. Each client is thoroughly prepared step by step. With Regal Hypnotic Procedures you become ready for change. You eliminate sticking points. Suggestions are tailor-made to address your specific needs. You experientially learn how hypnosis works. You find out what it takes to be hypnotized. You work directly with Jay Regal, a well-trained holistic hypnotherapist who can offer you everything that you seek and possibly a whole lot more than you ever imagined possible.

Your Introductory Session is scheduled for ninety minutes. Your Session Focus will be integrated with Regal Hypnotic Procedures to attain all of the essential primary objectives that ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Thereafter, a recommended series of follow up Holistic Hypnotherapy sessions will be scheduled based on your specific needs which can only be determined when we meet in person.

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