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Would you like to overcome your sticking points and achieve your goals?  
Well, you can make your dreams come true, because my
 system works!

Welcome to Regal Thoughts

I help my clients identify their blind spots. They get answers to resolve past problems.

I have dealt with removing all kinds of obstacles and healing all types of wounds. 


With Past Life Regressions
• Understand Your True Self 
• Address Unfinished Business
• Get Rid Of Your Sticking Points

• Find Out Why You Were Born
• Recover Suppressed Memories
• Heal From Lingering Trauma 

• Truly Live Your Life Purpose

Life is pressured chaotic and very stressful


Life is peaceful 
harmonious and

Unblock Your Unconscious Mind
Take Charge Of Your Life
Change Your Life Experience

Be Calm

Have Peace

Enjoy Relaxation

Experience More Fun

Clear Troubling Negativity 

Eliminate Fear and Anxiety

Relieve Chronic Symptoms

Live The Life Of Your Dreams 

Create Positive Lasting Changes

Make Better Decisions With Clarity 

Overcome Addictions and Poor Habits

Heal Thru Exploring Timeline Continuum

Learn Self Hypnosis and How To Hypnotize 

With A Little Help You Can

Your Mind
Is Like A 

It Works Best
When It's Open.

Let's Get Started!

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All services provided are scheduled in advance and by appointment only.

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Everything is a Choice

Buddha’s famous quote is: “We are what we think.” Unless we end negative thoughts, they upset us indefinitely. If you are stuck in a rut, with thoughts that regularly bother you, you will need help to get out of your trap. Thoughts we think about repeatedly define who we are and what we do. We are the grand total of every thought we ever had, both positive and negative. Take responsibility to direct your thoughts and your life becomes the life that you chose to live. Choose wisely!

What stops you from getting what you want in life? The honest answer is humbling. Your attitude matters. A negative mindset is often one major hurdle that you will need to jump over to get to the other side. Having a positive mental attitude is winning. But, what if outside influences are interfering with your progress? When you grew up, you heard plenty of objections. Mom said no; dad said no; preacher and teacher said no; your best friend said no. What did you then say to yourself? Did you accept their negative suggestions as final? The thoughts that prevent you from getting where you want to be in life need to be addressed. You can put an end to your sticking points. All you need is a fresh start. "Hypnosis has helped millions. It can help you, too."

Find out how hypnosis can quickly turn your life around!

You would like help with...
Pain • Weight Management • Self Improvement • Solving Problems
• Sports Performance ​• Procrastination • Building Relationships
• Stress & Anxiety • Finding Life Purpose • Creating Healthier Habits
Sleeping Well  • Overthinking • Public Speaking • Self Confidence

Heal Thru Exploring Timeline Continuum


Traverse prior lifetimes, in between lives, experiences in utero, childhood and future possibilities.

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